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Welcome to the biggest, best and most active Amateur Ice Hockey Team in Dublin and Ireland.

Our aim is to provide a fun, exciting and challenging environment for the development of new, intermediate and advanced players over 2 Teams.

John Behan and Stuart Saunders founded The Celtic Clovers Ice Hockey Team in early 2012 . Based at Castleknock ice rink at the time, the Celtic Clovers Ice Hockey Club has evolved from public learn to play sessions to a fully operational club, registered with the Irish Ice Hockey Association (IIHA).

Aimed at developing and supporting interest in Irish Ice Hockey, we now have over 50 registered players, some of which have competed at the 2013 World Championship for the Irish National Men’s, U18 and Women’s teams. Four Celtic Clovers players have been selected from the recent IIHA trials and will be helping make up the men’s national team heading to Andorra in August 2017.

Our team is built with a variety of experiences, nationalities, age and gender, which translates into a rich and fun environment. The club welcomes all new comers, as it is suitable for both beginners and more experienced players.

If you would like to get involved please see the training times on the bottom of the page.

For more information, and for our great sponsorship deals, please see the Contact page for details

Latest News

Cross Border Cup Play offs: Round2

This Saturday will see the Clovers take to the ice against the Hawks for the second round of the Cross Border Cup play offs. With the Hawks going undefeated in the regular season it’ll be a sure test of the Clovers metal. Saturday’s game will see defense man Przemyslaw Butera playing his last game with the

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Strasbourg bound

  It’s nearly that time of year again, the Clovers are packing up their things and heading to France for a weekend filled with hockey, drink and craic with our French buddies in Strasbourg. We’ll be flying on May 31st into Basel in Switzerland, then travelling onto Strasbourg for the tournament. To keep up with

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Heartbreakers are in Ireland!

The Heartbreakers from Winnipeg are in Ireland this week to enjoy our Irish hospitality, sights and a bit of hockey! They will be traveling to Belfast with the Clovers to show us how real Hockey is played. The Heartbreakers are a team of hockey veterans traveling to Ireland, Scotland and England to play a series

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Registration for 2016/2017 Season.

Hi Guys, With the season coming to an end its time to get registering for 2016-2017. The new season is set to start with a bang as teams will be preparing for this years Cup clash, following last years success. If you would like to play for the Clovers, or you are new to the

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Our In house Inline Tournament

Over the past 4 weeks we have been holding an in house inline tournament (with pizza and a few beers…) Our roster has been divided into teams of 4 and pitted against each other in fast, gruelling and competitive games. Check back later in the week as we review the standings and the teams prepare to put it

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Safe Travels Will!

With such a dynamic and multi cultural roster like our Clovers, it is inevitable that from time to time we have to watch a team mate pack up the gear bag and make the journey back to their home lands. We would like to wish Will, #65, and his Family all the best as the make their way back to the great summers

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Dublin Port Company joins the Celtic Clovers!

  We are very proud to announce Dublin Port Company have joined the Clovers team! Located in Dublin 1, Dublin Port Company are proactive in engaging the local communities and have added the Celtic Clovers to their sports and local development efforts. Their support this year will facilitate the acquisition of additional kits and recourses and provide

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Clutch Hockey Sticks and the Celtic Clovers.

As Boston is just around the corner we are delighted to announce the support of Clutch sports, in the USA. Manufacturing hockey sticks, Clutch will be on hand with their new flagship pro model the “Captain”. The Clovers would like to thank Clutch founders Richard Hsiao and Collin Miyajima for their support and we look forward to seeing

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Ryan Bahl and Richard Weait Join the Clovers in Boston!!!

It is our pleasure to announce team friends Ryan Bahl and Richard Weait will be joining the Clovers on the ice for the tournament in Boston. Ryan will be traveling from San Diego where he is currently playing with the skates and Richard will be coming from Toronto! We are looking forward to seeing the two

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The Clovers are heading to Boston but have run into a Snag! Unfortunately due to the Boston City Council changing the dates for the St’ Patricks day celebrations from the 9th March 2016 to the 16th March 2016 we have found ourselves in the situation of having 10 of our players booked for the wrong

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Its Official!

We are all checked in and on the way! The Irish American Ice Hockey Association have put up a post welcoming the Clovers to the Tournament. Check it out here! This trip is organized in collaboration with the IIHA! Special thanks to our sponsors: Drafter.ie, ridgwaycoaches.ie, Frontline Security and our Charity Partner Reachout.com without their support this trip

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The Celtic Clovers Heading to Boston!

Hockey FANS! We have been quite over the last few months and over Christmas and here is why!! We have been planning the mother of all trips, BOSTON for Paddy’s Day!!! The Celtic Clovers, playing hockey, in Boston for Paddy’s week! The Celtic Clovers are proud to announce we will be heading to Boston for the St Patricks Festival.

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Game 2 – Clovers V Tridents 19-09-15

Following our season opener to the Hawks the Clovers will one again travel to Dundonald to take on the mighty Tridents. While it is expected that the game will be fast and hard fought, there is great history and respect between our two clubs as the Tridents were the first team the Clovers ever played and remain the team

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Celtic Clovers V Latvian Hawks

With the Giants holding their opening game at the Odyssey from 7pm, the Clovers and Hawks take to the ice in Dondonald Ice dome at 10:15pm to play our own season opening game!!!     This Saturday 12th September the Celtic Clovers will travel to Dundonald Ice Dome to take on the might of the Hawks. With close competition between

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Hockey Fans aren’t like Other Fans!!

Hockey Stuff to help your day along!!

IIHA Quarterly Report

Aaron Guli, president of the IIHA (and #44 for the Clovers) releases his report for the 2014-2015 season.   Hello IIHA Members and Supporters, The IIHA Executive is very pleased with the progress made this 2014/2015 season. We are sad to see it come to an end. There have been great steps forward on the road

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Strasbourg, Paris 2015 and the Birth of the Clovers

On the morning of 7th May 2015 a sea of green tops congregated in Dublin Airport in the early hours. This would mark the start of the Clovers third annual trip to Strasbourg to compete in the Gryphon hosted Recreational Tournament. As we dragged our gear and filtered through the sleepy heads for our flight at

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Irish Hockey Gaining Momentum!!

Ice Hockey in Ireland has once again been cast into the spotlight as Brian Burke, a world hockey figure, visited our little piece of paradise to help the IIHA (Irish Ice Hockey Association) in promoting the renowned sport. This opportunity is one of many steps in the IIHA’s 5 year development plan, to promote and grow the sport of ice hockey in

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Clovers Training in Belfast.

The clovers ventured up to Dundonald Ice bowl in Belfast on Saturday night for the first of a series of ice training sessions. This session marks the start of a pre season ice training and test of games on the run up to the winter months. Early next year the clovers will be leaving our green shores and participating in an additional international tournament

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Ridgeway Coaches Sponsor the Clovers!

We are proud to announce an addition to the Clovers Family, Ridgeway Coaches have joined the Clovers Team for the 2015-2016 season. With over the 40 years operating coaches, they have invested heavily in their fleet and constantly updated their coaches. Ridgway is proud to now have one of the newest fleets in the Dublin area and presently managed by Gerry

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