Dublin Port Company joins the Celtic Clovers!

  We are very proud to announce Dublin Port Company have joined the Clovers team! Located in Dublin 1, Dublin Port Company are proactive in engaging the local communities and have added the Celtic Clovers to their sports and local development efforts. Their support this year will facilitate the acquisition of additional kits and recourses and provide

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Clutch Hockey Sticks and the Celtic Clovers.

As Boston is just around the corner we are delighted to announce the support of Clutch sports, in the USA. Manufacturing hockey sticks, Clutch will be on hand with their new flagship pro model the “Captain”. The Clovers would like to thank Clutch founders Richard Hsiao and Collin Miyajima for their support and we look forward to seeing

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Ryan Bahl and Richard Weait Join the Clovers in Boston!!!

It is our pleasure to announce team friends Ryan Bahl and Richard Weait will be joining the Clovers on the ice for the tournament in Boston. Ryan will be traveling from San Diego where he is currently playing with the skates and Richard will be coming from Toronto! We are looking forward to seeing the two

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The Celtic Clovers Heading to Boston!

Hockey FANS! We have been quite over the last few months and over Christmas and here is why!! We have been planning the mother of all trips, BOSTON for Paddy’s Day!!! The Celtic Clovers, playing hockey, in Boston for Paddy’s week! The Celtic Clovers are proud to announce we will be heading to Boston for the St Patricks Festival.

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Celtic Clovers V Latvian Hawks

With the Giants holding their opening game at the Odyssey from 7pm, the Clovers and Hawks take to the ice in Dondonald Ice dome at 10:15pm to play our own season opening game!!!     This Saturday 12th September the Celtic Clovers will travel to Dundonald Ice Dome to take on the might of the Hawks. With close competition between

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Irish Hockey Gaining Momentum!!

Ice Hockey in Ireland has once again been cast into the spotlight as Brian Burke, a world hockey figure, visited our little piece of paradise to help the IIHA (Irish Ice Hockey Association) in promoting the renowned sport. This opportunity is one of many steps in the IIHA’s 5 year development plan, to promote and grow the sport of ice hockey in

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Clovers Training in Belfast.

The clovers ventured up to Dundonald Ice bowl in Belfast on Saturday night for the first of a series of ice training sessions. This session marks the start of a pre season ice training and test of games on the run up to the winter months. Early next year the clovers will be leaving our green shores and participating in an additional international tournament

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Ridgeway Coaches Sponsor the Clovers!

We are proud to announce an addition to the Clovers Family, Ridgeway Coaches have joined the Clovers Team for the 2015-2016 season. With over the 40 years operating coaches, they have invested heavily in their fleet and constantly updated their coaches. Ridgway is proud to now have one of the newest fleets in the Dublin area and presently managed by Gerry

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Celtic Clovers Junior Summer Camp 2015!

Under 18 and want to play ice hockey??? Listen up hockey fans, The Celtic Clovers will be hosting a Junior Hockey Summer Camp for 8 weeks from the 27th June 2015. Location: Mountview Community Centre Duration: 4th July 2015 for 8 Weeks Times: U12 – 11.00 to 12.30 (geared up and on the court)             U18 – 12.30

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2007 World Championship’s hosted in Dundalk, Ireland!

Here’s something to look at! In 2007 Dundalk Ice Dome Hosted the division 3 World Championship’s in which Ireland beat Luxemburg to qualify in Division 2 for the following year. Check out the deciding Penalty Shoot-out!

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