The Celtic Clovers Heading to Boston!

Hockey FANS!

We have been quite over the last few months and over Christmas and here is why!! We have been planning the mother of all trips, BOSTON for Paddy’s Day!!!

The Celtic Clovers, playing hockey, in Boston for Paddy’s week!

The Celtic Clovers are proud to announce we will be heading to Boston for the St Patricks Festival. This will include taking part in the 10th Annual Irish-American Ice Hockey Classic Tournament hosted by the Irish American Ice Hockey Association. This is a momentous occasion as this trip will mark the first time an adult Irish Ice Hockey Team visits Boston.

The trip will include 3 days of hockey in the tournament from the 17th to the 19th March followed by attending the Boston St Patricks Day celebrations on Sunday 20th March! The Clovers will then remain in Boston to see what mischief John Cusack can get us into until the 23rd when we will fly back to Ireland.

The Irish American Classic 2016 will be made of a range of teams and divisions including numerous Police and Fire Department and Bruins Alumni Teams as well as reci and beer league teams like ourselves and promises to be an incredible experience for all involved.

On the run up to this the Clovers will be holding exciting and challenging events in order to raise much needed funds for the ambitious trip. We will be supremely grateful for any and all support to help us get to Boston and make history!!

Information will be coming in hot and heavy so keep checking back for updates here and on our facebook page!!

This event is being supported by the IIHA   (facebook), who are also sending a Junior development team to Boston and Toronto as part of a international development drive. We would like to wish them all the best on their trip and will be keeping up to date with their progress.

For more information on the Tournament visit the Irish American Ice Hockey website here.