Safe Travels Will!

With such a dynamic and multi cultural roster like our Clovers, it is inevitable that from time to time we have to watch a team mate pack up the gear bag and make the journey back to their home lands. We would like to wish Will, #65, and his Family all the best as the make their way back to the great summers (and even better winters!) of Canada and thank him for all he brought to the team over the last couple of years.

Will was kind enough to write the following note to his fellow team mates:

“Hey Clovers. I had hoped to get one more session in to say goodbye in person but I ran out of time while preparing to move countries. My family and I are moving back to Vancouver leaving tomorrow morning. When I was looking into moving from London to Dublin I heard about a handful of Canadians that play hockey here and it was part of the reason I decided to move here. What I found here was way more than my expectations. I will proudly wear my Clovers jersey every opportunity I can and when people ask me about the angry leprechaun, I will tell them about this group of Irish guys (and gals) who are more enthusiastic about hockey than most Canadians I know. They are willing to drive a couple hours to Northern Ireland just to play on ice and travel around the world to play in tournaments. The next time I get a chance to play in Vancouver and I’m feeling sluggish on a shift, I’m going to hear Ger’s voice yelling at me to keep on skating hard. I’m so proud to have a chance to be part of this club while I’ve lived here and I will think of you guys and your passion for hockey every time I lace up my skates. My only regret is not being able to play more often with you than I did. Best of luck to the Celtic Clovers, I hope you get a permanent rink in Dublin one day.”