Getting started in ice hockey

Thank you for your interest in the Celtic Clovers and playing ice Hockey. Based on regular questions asked by people looking to get into the sport we have compiled a rough guide to what you will need and what to expect playing ice hockey in Ireland.

People of all ability levels are welcome to train and compete with the Celtic Clovers (minimum age for training is 14yrs and for games is 16yrs). An ability to skate (either roller or ice) is a clear advantage and fundamental to the sport. A working knowledge of the sport is preferable but not essential as it can be thought.

We train once a week in Mountview community centre, Blanchardstown on roller blades. Training is held on a Tuesday night from 8.30pm – 10pm (Arrive early enough to allow yourself time to kit out before 8.30pm)

As Ireland has no ice rink ALL of our games are played in Dundonald Ice Bowl in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It is the responsibility of the player to arrange travel to and from all games. We tend to carpool to save travel costs where possible.

Training costs €30 per month which covers 4 training sessions. If you can only make one session the cost is still €30 as club running costs have to be covered regardless of attendance numbers.

The season costs £120 (excluding play off games) and is payable up front per half season. (£60 pre Christmas and £60 post Christmas)

Club registration costs €30 annually.

Registration for the IIHA costs €60. You must register with the Irish Ice Hockey Association (IIHA) in order to train or compete with a team in Ireland.

Ice hockey is a contact sport and as such protective equipment is mandatory. The following is a breakdown of equipment needed.
* Helmet
* Gum shield
* Chest guard
* Elbow pads
* Gloves
* Cup
* Hockey shorts
* Shin/knee pads
* Skates
* Stick
* Jersey and socks

Jerseys are ordered periodically throughout the year at a cost of €60 per Jersey/Sock set. Jerseys will be supplied/loaned between orders.
When travelling the club also wears a club track suit and polo shirt which cost €70 (€50 tracksuit and €20 embroidered polo shirt with logo and player number)

Hopefully this has covered all you’ll need to know to move forward into the addictive world of ice hockey but if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mail: celtic.clovers.ihc@gmail.com
Social media: @CloversHockey