• 06 - Aaron Collins

    Aaron C

    #06 – Aaron Collins

    Aaron joined the clovers in Castleknock in 2012 & since then he has played most of the games in Belfast and been on several trips to France. After quickly leaving the ice last year after discovering his wrist was broken he tried to make the best of the situation, supporting the team, running the bench & helping bring home the all-important Beer cup!

    We are proud to say that Aaron has also played for the men’s national team for the past 3 years

  • 10 - Romans Piskurevi


    #10 – Romans Piskurevi

    Romans is old clovers stock and has been with the Clovers before we were the clovers! Forged in the depths of Castleknock on ice, Romans plays a hard, fast and physical game and can be found regularly taking a puck for the team and double shifting for all the ice he can get. In France 2016 Romans played all 22 A & B mini games over 4 days.

  • 13 - Alan Fleming

    Alan Fleming

     #13 – Alan Fleming

    Alan joined the clovers in Castleknock in 2012. New to the sport, Alan has had to overcome insurmountable odds including old age and missing digits. To prove this old dog has some bite Alan earned the prestigious position of first Captain of the first team in 2012.

  • 22 - Ger Duffy

    Ger Duffy

    #22 – Ger Duffy

    After taking over coaching in Castleknock in 2012, Ger has taken us from the back of a warehouse, to over 30 members, to France, to wheels and back to ice (for now anyhow). There is nothing he can’t (or won’t) do and if you step out of line you better keep your head down!!

    Current Head Coach of the Celtic Clovers.

  • 26 - Mark Costello

    #26 – Mark Costello

    Mark joined the Clovers in 2018 after a looooong break away from the sport. To put it nicely, Mark is so “old stock” that he’s back in fashion.

    A defensive powerhouse who will dive in front of a slap shot without hesitation like a Presidential guard taking a bullet .

  • 31 - PJ Cunningham

    #31 – PJ Cunningham

    Owner of the worst accent on the team, PJ has shown unrivaled commitment to the team by travelling insane distances for training and games. Always willing to get stuck in or throw down PJ definitely shows what it means to be a Clover every time he steps on the ice.

  • 61 - Aundrea Hubble

    #61 – Aundrea Hubble


  • 70 - David McKenna

    #70 – David McKenna

  • 83 - Morgan Kan


    #83 – Morgan Kan

    Morgan “the scrapper” Kan! On more than one occasion (one being in France) I have seen Morgan turn to one of the other team players and drive him back into the boards ready to drop the gloves, and usually its the biggest guy he can find! Not afraid to dish out some hurt, Morgan plays fast paced hockey with a wicked wrist shot for good measure.

  • 89 - Greg Munday

    #89 – Greg Munday

    Greg Munday


  • 05 - Dillon McCarthy

    #05 – Dillon McCarthy

    Dillon is of the old guard out of Castleknock, the trials of which have forged a beer drinking, hockey loving man of the world. Shortly after our first trip to France Dillon opted to take up residence in the city of Berlin putting is skills to use. His new locations however didn’t prevent him from joining his team mates again the following year to this time take a stand against the French teams and take home some very respectable wins.

  • 08 - Lorcan Bell

    #08 – Lorcan Bell

    Shops in Ikea

  • 16 - Ben Mareil

    #16 – Ben Mareil

    Our O.G French man, Ben has been the voice of reason behind the clovers since its foundation. As the Clovers first Club President, Ben has taken a group of misfits and forged a successful Ice Hockey Team strong enough to compete against the teams in France and Belfast.

    Ben’s talents don’t stop there, he also fought for his team on the ice, even if he hurts himself in the process….. And when the ice had gone, fought to help keep the clovers together on wheels.

    Ben was Club President from 2012 to Feb 2015.

  • 18 - Jack Staines

    #18 – Jack Staines


  • 20 - Linda Galvin


    #20 – Linda Galvin

    It is rumoured Linda came to Ireland because none of the European countries with ice would have her….. None the less hailing from Chicago we believe she has found a home among the Clovers due to our love for her favourite pastimes, Hockey and Beer!

  • 27 - Benoit Humbert

    #27 – Benoit Humbert


  • 29 - Conor Desmond

    #29 – Conor Desmond


  • 32 - Mike Smith

    Mike Smith 1

    #32 – Mike Smith

    Mike joined the Clovers back in 2012, Like the rest of us he came looking for a weekly pickup session and never left! As part of our Canadian contingent himself and Morgan keep us stocked with a good supply of new recruits (programmers).

  • 33 - Julien Brenier

    #33 – Julien Brenier

    Haling from Courbevoie, France Julien is a force to be reckoned with on the ice. His speed and ability make him an important part of the Clovers. 

  • 42 - Dermot McNally


    #42 – Dermot McNally

    Like a certain popular ladies’ book character (50 shades), Dermot spends his days jet setting from country to country, tasting fine foods and driving luxury convertible cars. While Dermot spends his public life as an upstanding pillar in the community he has a dark secret…. Dermot is a Hockey Player!

    It all started back in 2012, Dermot (a nice lad), unknowingly found himself in the back of a warehouse with some stick tape and some knee high socks. Confused at what he was feeling for the first time, Dermot’s week was consumed with the thrill of what might happen the next time he stepped into the dark, cold space. Bombarded by the smell of hockey gear he found himself welcoming it, embracing it.

    From there all hope was lost. Dermot sank deeper and deeper into the seedy world of Irish ice hockey, and the nice lad that had stumbled in the door was worn away, leaving a Mad Dog, a Scallywag, a Shark.

  • 44 - Katarina Benova

    #44 – Katarina Benova


  • 47 - Eoin Kirwan

    #47 – Eoin Kirwan


  • 55 - Valentin Rutz

    #55 – Valentin Rutz

    Val is our resident Swiz/French hybrid who came to the Clovers from an inline hockey background which had him show all the grace of a baby deer on ice but he soon found his ice legs and is going from strength to strength.

  • 71 - Daniel Luns

    #71 – Daniel Luns


  • 75 - Chris Thomas

    #75 – Chris Thomas

    Hailing from Cardiff, Chris has already carved out a piece of ice for himself. Traversing the streets of Dublin to training with all his gear on a motorbike, taking to the ice must seem like a garden tea party to him.

  • 79 - Derek O Neill

    #79 – Derek O’Neill

    Derek came to the clovers mid season in 2016 at the ripe old age of 37 in what could be described as an early midlife crisis but has taken to the game with a hunger to improve and learn.

    In France 2017 Derek played all 22 A & B mini games over 4 days.

    Current public relations officer for Clovers.

  • 81 - Tomas Szvitek

    #81 – Tomas Szvitek

    Tomas Szvitek

  • 87 - Conor Fleming

    #87 – Conor Fleming

    Joining the Dublin Ducks at the age of 14, Conor also joined in on the clovers training sessions every week and progressed quickly. With hard work and support from his father, Conor earned a place in the Under 18’s International Irish Ice Hockey team and travelled in 2013 to Turkey to compete at an international level..

    Conor earned a spot on the men’s national team in 2017, travelling to Andora.

  • 94 - Bayleigh Duffy

    #94 – Bayleigh Duffy


  • 95 - Jan Kokanic

    #95 – Jan Kokanic

    Jan Kokanic

  • 666 - Artiom Balenok

    #666 – Artiom Balenok


  • 40 - Alex Benatti

    #40 – Alex Benatti

    Alex joins us all the way from Italy where they take fantastic hockey profile pictures! Alex has slotted into the clovers team perfectly with his great sense of humour and terrible mode of transport!

  • 00 - Anto Hutton

    #00 – Anto Hutton


  • 14 - Joey Lavelle (F)

    14 – Joey Lavelle

    Joey played for the Dublin flyers out of Dolphins Barn and Silverskate before they closed. During that time he represented his country on the Under 18’s Irish Ice Hockey Team.

    In 2012 Joey was recruited to the Clovers by Ger Duffy.

  • 27 - Patrick Hough (F)

    27 – Patrick Hough

    Patrick played college hockey in the US, moved to Ireland and decided to show us all how it is done! Playing in any position, Patrick can play both fast and precisely making him an ace in the Clovers deck. He will remain a Clover for life.

  • 36 - Kristian Joramo (D)


    36 – Kristian Joramo

    Kristian is our token Norwegian player, and as such is nicknamed Norway. Kristian played and coached in Norway and played college hockey in Nottingham University. Apart from his exceptional hockey ability, Kristian was a great asset to the Beer cup in France!

  • 66 - Peter McGivern (F)


    #66 – Peter McGivern

    Peter learned to skate on the old school Dolphins Barn and Silverskate rinks. With the creation of the clovers in Castleknock peter pulled out his old super speed skates and has been stealing goals for the clovers (and from them!) over the years. However Peter’s skills go well beyond the ice, and in France 2013 he shocked his teammates by appearing up through a storm grate on the street to receive a beer from Joey Lavelle. Magic!

    Rarely missing a session and always on hand to gather the pucks…. Peter has proven himself both on the ice and off.

  • 77 - Tibor Soltesz (F)


    77 – Tibor Soltesz

    Like he was born to play hockey, Tibor moves through the defence like a knife through butter. His skating skills were also put to the test when he qualified for the Red bull Crashed Ice Competition in Belfast 2015.

  • 86 - Shane O Brien

    Sean O'B

    86 – Shane O’Brien

    Shane forms half of our bash brothers squad! In a friendly pickup you need to keep your head on a swivel with Sean power and pace, both offensively & defensively. With himself and his brother (Neil) on the ice there was no telling when the two would single each other out for a full on brawl.

    No stranger’s to a fight Sean and Neil also compete in amateur boxing, so if you are gonna pick a fight with a Clover choose wisely!!

  • 92 - Tristan Buanga (D)

    92 – Tristan Buanga

    Hailing from Berlin, Germany and Standing a mere 6’4″ tall, to call him a gentle giant would be about 50% accurate. Tristans physically imposing presence is only surpassed by his love of cheese, the smellier the better.

  • 99 - Germans Petrovs (F)

    99 – Germans Petrovs

    Germans ‘Gera’ Petrovs


      As it is suitable for both beginners and more experienced players, the club welcomes all new comers.

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