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  • Dublin Port Company Dublin Port Company is a self-financing, private limited company wholly-owned by the State, whose business is to manage Dublin Port, Ireland’s premier port.


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    Ireland’s Premier Port

    Dublin Port Company is a self-financing, private limited company wholly-owned by the State, whose business is to manage Dublin Port, Ireland’s premier port. Established as a corporate entity in 1997, Dublin Port Company is responsible for the management, control, operation and development of the port. Dublin Port Company provides world-class facilities, services, accommodation and lands in the harbour for ships, goods and passengers. The company currently employs 144 staff.

    Located in the heart of Dublin City, at the hub of the national road and rail network Dublin Port is a key strategic access point for Ireland and in particular the Dublin area.

    Dublin Port handles almost 50% of the Republic’s trade, two thirds of all containerised trade and is the largest of the three base ports on the island of Ireland, the others being Belfast and Cork. Base ports offer multi-modal services with connections to transhipment ports such as Rotterdam and are important strategic trading hubs.

    Dublin Port also handles over 1.76 million tourists through the ferry companies operating at the port and through the cruise vessels calling to the port.

    Not only does Dublin Port Company compete with other ports on the island of Ireland but, perhaps more importantly, it also operates a competitive business model within the Port itself where eight terminals compete for business in the unitised sector. Unitised trade is comprised of Lo-Lo and Ro-Ro and accounts for over 80% of Dublin Port’s trade.

    Dublin Port Company is well positioned financially and operationally to build on its many successes to date. Resources are in place to fund further development of the Port’s expansion plans without recourse to Exchequer funding, a key tenet of the national ports policy. With trade levels beginning to show signs of recovery, Dublin Port will remain a hugely positive force driving competitiveness, facilitating trade and generating economic growth well into the future.

    Website:  www.dublinport.ie


  • Drafter provides services including: Architectural Drafting, Corporate Branding, Logo and Advertising Design


    Drafter provides services including:

    Architectural Drafting, Corporate Branding, Logo and Advertising Design, Website Design & Implementation, Digital Media and Animation and Printing Services.

    Website:  www.drafter.ie

  • O Neills Clip Joint is delighted to offer a mobile barber call out service in Dublin.



    O’Neills Clip Joint are delighted to offer a barber call out service in the Dublin area.

    Mobile barber services cater for:

    • Home & Office appointments
    • Executive appointments
    • Wedding parties
    • Hotel appointments
    • PR & corporate events
    • Fire/EMS stations
    • Hospital patient services
    • Retirement communities
    • Adult & Group homes
    • School programmes
    • Group Club Services

    Website:  www.oneillsclipjoint.com

  • Secondary sponsors

  • Reach Out

    reach out

    Reach Out provide information about other services that can help people deal with mental health problems. ReachOut.com also hosts real-life stories by young people to help other young people get through tough times.

    Along with providing easy access to quality mental health information, ReachOut.com has become a bridge on the pathway to care and services for young people going through a tough time. ReachOut.com therefore, complements existing services in the voluntary and statutory sectors.

    Website:  www.reachout.com

  • Ridgeway Coaches

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    Ridgway Coaches, presently managed by Gerry Moore, the second generation of the Moore Family, who have been in the coach hire business for 40 years. We are long standing members of The Federation of Transport Operators.

    Over the 40 years we have been operating coaches, we have invested heavily in our fleet and constantly updated our coaches. Ridgway is proud to now have one of the newest fleets in the area.

    Website:  www.ridgwaycoaches.ie


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